Off season in Datca.

Yavuz Apart is open also outside the season, which means to say from the beginning of November till the end of April. Generally speaking, the price level, be it flats, flight tickets, restaurants etc., is considerably lower at that time of the year.

During the real winter months, i.e. from December to February, the weather is markedly milder on the Datça Peninsula than in most other parts of Turkey. You may experience up till 20 degrees in the daytime – never less than 5 degrees above freezing point and that for few days only.. Although the weather may be changing and showers of rain are likely, yet the winter months mostly bear the stamp of sunshine and dry weather, and the afternoon coffee should be enjoyed out in the open. During autumn and spring day temperatures are normally at least 20 degrees, and it doesn’t normally rain.

The air-conditioning in the apartments, which in the summertime provides coolness, functions as an efficient heating system outside the season.

Compared with the heat of the summer these months therefore offer great opportunities to a more active holiday with hill walking, visits to the little villages, not to mention the antique ruins at Knidos, an area which is particularly rich in magnificent walks. In spring the vigorous Datça Peninsula invites you to a fantastic profusion of flowers, running rivers, blooming almond trees and a rich animal life. Although the sea water admittedly is cooler than in summertime, what should prevent you from going for a lovely swim also in the autumn when the air is fresh and cool.

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